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Emacs major mode for Processing 2.0

Project on github.


Realization of Karlheinz Stockhausen's piece Telemusik from 1966. Structures 1 - 7.

Made with SuperCollider.

Code on github

Crossing Paths

Collaboration with plan b performance.

From January 2012 for three weeks, the people of Leuven came into Stuk arts centre and borrowed high-precision GPSs to record them.

Programming of the installation part and the collaborative map.

project website


Crossing Paths (preview) from plan b on Vimeo.


GpxDBImporterExporter is a cross-platform C++ application to import GPX files into a sqlite3 database for easy maintanance. You can also export the database back to a GPX file.

Project on github.



Tracing Mobility Exhibition

Collaboration with plan b performance.

24 November - 12 December Tracing Mobility exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

Programming of two installations.

  • Five years of text messages mapped onto the duration of the exhibition (Dot Matrix Printer(Epson LX 300), Plinth, Computrer, Software (Made with Processing))
  • The re-drawing of everywhere we've been in Berlin since 2007

satellite sound

8-channel sound installation.

Sonification of satellite data from GPS devices and visualization of satellites.

Made with SuperCollider, Porcessing and Python.

Code on github.

A Day In The Life

Collaboration with plan b performance.

A Day in the Life - The Walkers of Birmingham is a portrait of a city as experienced at ground level. The animation emphasises walking, making lines from other forms of transportation more feint.

The work was exhibited at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) as part of the Fierce Festival in Birmingham, UK. Programming of animation.

Project website


Restless Nature

Collaboration with Julie Myers.

Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance 16th July - 10th Sept, 2011

dandelion.png restless.jpg

Dandelion Seedhead is a drawing that moves in response to wind data at each exhibition location the drawing is attached to a live local weather feed.

Concept and drawings by Julie Myers.

Programming of Processing application.

Live data feed: Penzance

Live data feed: Berlin


Android application for recording your mood.

This project was more or less commisioned by plan b.

Project on github.

moodtracker_tab1_v1.png moodtracker_tab2_v1.png


Assembly3D is a collection of file-formats describing animated virtual 3D scenes with a focus on real-time use. This code project contains schemata, samples and tools for the individual formats.

Co-development with Michael Nischt at Deutsche Telekom AG Laboratories, Berlin.

Google code project site

Kinect drawing application

This project was developed in the Human Interaction course at TU Berlin during winter term 2010/2011. The application uses the Kinect for user interaction. The user is able to draw by pointing into the Kinect camera.

Project log


GPS data visualization

This project is developed by avp::ptr in coorperation with plan b performance. With gps data collected day by day, we are exploring better ways of administrating and visualizing gps data. Some of the outcome was presented at the conference Movement in urban space in Leipzig and other exhibitions.

plan b's project website

The monday Walks

project at avp::ptr

The Monday Walks from lokijuhz on Vimeo.


Software development and maintanance for the project MishMashMe.

Improved color tracking software installation made with openFrameworks by implementing database binding for resources and other usability features.

MishMashMe from Mish MashMe on Vimeo

Follicular Lymphoma Evolution Reconstructor ==

The "Follicular Lymphoma Evolution Reconstructor" is the implementation of the correspondent mathematic/statistic algorithm to calculate the most likely evolution of monoclonal operational taxonomic units (OTU) driven by somatic hypermutation.

Project site: link



Paint program where you draw your musical timeline, and put sampledots on it. Each color dot represents a sample.You can put many sampledots with the same color on the canvas. But SoundPainter does not play the samples itself. OSC messages are sent to a listening Application (e.g. Pure data, SuperCollider, Max/MSP), which plays the sound files.

Made with openFrameworks.

Project on github: link




Simple generic Sampler for playing samples triggered by OSC messages send by other applications. Intended to have an easy sampleplayer for interacting with interactive applications.

Project on github: link



Other SuperCollider3 stuff

SuperCollider Snippet bundle for Emacs

Project on github: link


Extension class which provide menubar tweaks in SuperCollider3.

Project on github: link



Listening on Muxtape

Cinekid 2009, Amsterdam

Installation of Digital Puppetry, an interactive installation by Tine Papendick, at animation festival Cinekid.


Bachelor Thesis

ESMidi - Generating sounds with Evolutionary Strategies

Implementation of a Java tool for generating Midi values using evolutionary strategies. It is used together with a Software synthesizer which processes the generated midi values.



For a pdf version of the thesis, please contact me.


Small application for importing pictures into a sqlite3 database. Implemeted in C++ and JUCE Library with sqlite3x wrapper.


Ars Electronica Futurelab

Implemetation of interactive Applications for the "Museum of Future" in Linz, Austria, using JUCE C++ Library.

Implementation of Eyetracker software using Tobii Eytracker SDK.



Game Physics

Physics demonstrator (University project)

Small application that demonstrates physics in computer games. Built with C++ and OGRE rendering engine.


Project on github: link


Computer Graphics

Scene Graph (University project)

Implementation of a scene graph api using OpenGL and C++.

Project on github: link


3D Modeling

Tie Interceptor


Arbeit und Alltag in Oberschöneweide

Medial and technical implementation of historical exhibition.


Reaktor synth

Bassn'drum - Synthsequencer (University project)